Oh hai 2012

tl;dr: I will be less lazy.

The usual

I’m serious this year. I might’ve said the same thing last year, and the year before, and now to think about it, the year before that too.

  • Sleep earlier
  • Exercise — couch to 5k style
  • Spend less time on YouTube
  • Take more photos
  • etc.

Okay okay, here are some more concrete goals.

Write more

Since I’m already here, the last post on this site (let’s not call it a blog) was over a year ago. I used to redesign my blog every time I visited it but this one still doesn’t look too bad (though I should renew that Typekit subscription). Let’s aim for twelve thoughtful posts by year end.

Record a “CD”

No, I don’t plan to become the next Justin Bieber but I’ve got a pair of mics, a six-note range, and a guitar. Should be able to hammer out ten covers by the end of year. We’ll call it Me and My Guitar. or He and Her. TBD.

Make stuff

I’ve lost touch with my self-proclaimed creative art and design side. Keeping this one vague but 2011 was a year devoid of any side hack projects.

I could go on but this will suffice for now. Not the most thoughtful post but it’s a start to break out of my lazy rut.

rut… that’s kind of a cool word.

  • Ellenychou

    key is to be less lazy for u hahaha. i call being ur supervisor!